About Us History

  • 2021

    01.11 Received CES 2021 Software & Mobile Apps Innovation Award

    01.28 Selected for KDB NextOne 2nd Generation

    03.31 Selected for Credit Guarantee Fund's 9th Start-up NEST

    05.13 Selected for 2021 Incheon Startup Park Spark IR Day

  • 2020

    02.06 Signed a MOU with Doosan Mobility Innovation (DMI)
    Received the Design Eureka Investment Businessday Excellence Award

    03.10 Certified as a venture business (Certi No. 20200102613)

    03.15 Selected as an outstanding start-up company in 2019

    05.26 Deliver DROW to DMI(Doosan Mobility Innovation)

    05.27 Acquired the U.S. Federal Government and USFK
    Procurement Qualification

    11.24 Received the Hanseo University Innovation Award

    12.24 Won championship at Gyeonggi-do Robot Start-up Step-up Program Demo Day

  • 2019

    07.25 Established CLROBUR Co., Ltd.

    08.01 Signed a MOU with UAV Industry Association Singapore

    08.15 Signed a business agreement with Bitcraze

    10.14 Held the 1st ISRF (Intelligent Swarm Robotics Forum)

    12.11 Attended 2019 Korea Drone Expo